essential oil of bay laurel

Essential oil of Bay Laurel

10 things you didn't know about Bay Essential Oil until now

1. The importance of Bay Laurel in Ancient Greece

In both Greece and Cyprus, Bay Laurel essential oil is used by herbalists in aromatherapy, medical treatments and in cosmetics production.

Bay Laurel is a plant known since the Homeric era, as a sacred tree dedicated to the god Apollo. According to mythology, Daphne was the daughter of Earth and Pineus. She was transformed into a tree when Apollo, who loved her very much, tried to hug her. Apollo then, to comfort himself, cut a branch from the tree and was crowned. The myth states that when Apollo killed the dragon Python he washed himself in the waters of the river, where even today laurels grow, and entered victoriously in Delphi wearing a wreath of laurel leaves. Furthermore, Bay laurel is a sacred plant that was used to respect Apollo. It was also used for its cathartic and divinatory properties. Pythia chewed bay leaf at the Oracle of Delphi, during the time of prophetic ecstasy.

2. Bay Laurel used in landscaping

At Cyherbia Botanical Park, Bay Laurel has been planted strategically as a ‘protective wall’ in many areas of the park. It is a plant that can give easy and impressive solutions because of its strong vegetation and its resistance to drought. With appropriate pruning, Bay laurel can be formed into almost any shape, which can create an impressive aesthetic. Therefore, if you are thinking to create a greener garden at home, consider planting bay laurel! 

4. Promotes hair growth

The essential oil of Bay laurel makes a fantastic hair & scalp serum. Dilute 1 drop of bay laurel essential oil in 5 ml carrier oil and apply directly to the scalp twice a week.

5. Relieves Joint & Rheumatic pain

Apply topically and massage by diluting 3 drops of bay laurel into 10ml carrier oil. Apply & massage twice a day to relieve muscular, joint & rheumatic pain.

6. Treats sinusitis & bronchitis

If you suffer with bronchitis, cold & flu symptoms, and/or sinusitis, try a steam bath. Fill a bowl with hot water, add 1-2 drops of bay laurel essential oil. A steam bath twice a day can do wonders to relieve these symptoms.

7. Cleansing rituals and meditation

During the distillation process of bay laurel, not only do we extract oil, but also the flower water. The flower water of bay laurel has the same properties as the oil. In contrast with the oil, the flower water can be used directly onto the skin without dilution. Bay laurel symbolises victory and strength. If you feel weak within yourself spiritually or emotionally, spray bay laurel on your crown before you meditate. Throughout your meditation, the aroma of bay laurel will remind you of your power. You can ‘wear’ the scent of bay laurel everyday if you wish, as your own crown of bay leaves for confidence and resilience. Moreover, burning bay leaves during a cleansing ritual can bring abundance in your self and your life.

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Founder of Cyherbia and Herbalist Miranda Tringis talks about Bay Laurel

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