mood boosting herbs

Mood Boosting Herbs

Find balance in your daily life with more energy and better mood in 2022! How does mood affect your health? How mood boosting herbs can help us? Our health is directly affected by our mood. Mental, emotional and physical well-being are all interrelated. When we are in a bad mood, due to external causes, we …

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how to reconnect with nature event set-up

How to Reconnect with Nature!

How to Reconnect with Nature Now! 5 easy steps for a better 2022! 1. What does it mean to reconnect with nature? Wondering why and how to reconnect with nature easily and beneficially? We, humans, are complex and complicated. We live on a beautiful planet, full of wonderful places and adventure. Great mountains, lakes, seas, …

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Wild Greens Workshop

On Sunday 23/02/20 Cyherbia hosted a FREE practical workshop about the wild edible plants of Cyprus.  In springtime there are plenty of edible plants that are growing in abundance all over the island.  These year at the free workshop all participants were receiving information on their health benefits. Moreover, the learnt how to identify, prepare …

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how to use essential oils on woman hand

How To Use Essential Oils

What are essential oils? Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts from the plant’s leaves, flowers or stems. At Cyherbia, we extract oils in our distillery. The distillation process separates the oil from the water that is condensed inside the plant material. The distilled oil is then separated from distilled water particles again and again until …

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Lavender Flower Essence


What are Flower Essences? What are Flower Essences? They are not essential oils, or tinctures. Unlike essential oils and tinctures which work on healing physical problems and improving health, they work on our emotional and spiritual side. Each flower essence has its plant spirit healing power.   How are Flower Essences made? How are they made?The process …



Halloween 2019 at Cyherbia in Cyprus Recharging your internal batteries: Halloween 2019 at Cyherbia! At Cyherbia’s family Halloween weekend, visitors carved their scary pumpkins and took part in Halloween fantasy activities. Families helped Vlad, the vegan vampire find his food in the maze. The giant spider challenged you to pass through its web in the …


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